Monday, 30 May 2016


The secret to being lucky isn’t about winning huge pots of cash…’s about  perspective, hard work, self belief and making the most out of the wonderful blessings already surrounding you.

Luck is made not found. The luck that is *stumbled across* is very often fools’ gold in the hands of a person who doesn’t know what to do with it. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, and follow the ideas outlined below, you will be having lucky breaks:


People see others’ successes and think, oh they ‘re just lucky. Sure, things happen to people but it all boils down to preparation trust me. Opportunities are everywhere for people, but if you ‘re not prepared then you will not be able to capitalize on it. 

Luck demands hard work. More money, a better job, fame or whatever else need more than luck (although luck plays a role)…..they also need determination, focus and effort.

There are cases of people who’ve been toiling away and all of a sudden, they get the dream job they’ve always wanted or their business idea suddenly takes off and they make millions. We look at that and think they are lucky, no honey, they are not lucky, they were prepared!


Good luck doesn’t happen in a vacuum. most good luck comes through other don’t have to be everyone’s bosom friend but it’s the art of being open to many people that counts. 

The more people you meet, the more likelihood of you meeting the right person at the right time who has an opportunity at hand that you want to be part of. There are people with money lying idle in their hands looking for where to invest, you on the other hand have an idea but no money, why not get connected to such folks?
Above all get connected to God for without him we are nothing!


The more you are open to new ideas and ways of doing things, the more likely it is that you will strike it lucky. Lucky people take the path less known and meet all sorts of amazing opportunities along the way. Put your foot on that now…. Try something you have never done before, try something you have convinced yourself you would hate, try something someone else have suggested you try. Be bold!


What you put into your mind has a direct one to one relationship to what appears in your life. It is not about fairy tale, it’s more about being positive. Lucky people are optimistic and they expect  that good things will happen to them. 

Stop thinking * why do all the bad things happen to me?* stop it right now and start expecting the best!. Instead of choosing to wallow and feel rotten about things that go wrong, look for things that are working in your life. Use your subconscious mind, have a total picture of the success you would like. Bring it to mind for 3 seconds and leave it there, it will come true with strong intent.


Anxiety and worry are enemies of luck. Life itself is a miracle that you haven’t lost. The choices you make on what to do about it is up to you. Dwelling on horrible events in your life gives them great power over you, stifling your growth and stomping on your luck. 

You won’t be stumbling on luck while you are busy hiding out. When opportunities come, you need to recognize them and you need to seize them. A lucky person believes in now as being as important as tomorrow.

Don’t be held back by ghost of failure…..they were just learning experiences. Sometimes luck happens in things that don’t happen. Try not to confuse the small emotional turmoil and conflicts experienced on a daily basis with a lack of luck, those things are normal for everyone.

Say this daily * I am going to have a lucky day today, I am going to have a fortune today. I will make my luck shine today by helping others to be lucky today!*

Never stop learning….. Unlucky people think that their learning stopped at school or university. Lucky people realize that that was just the beginning and that life is one huge university. Soak it all up even the stuff you find boring or uncomfortable, it makes your life a whole lot more exciting and gives you the understanding of where others are coming from.

stay rosy

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  1. I love this. Luck doesn't just happen. We need to be ready for the opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you for sharing, Sylvia! How body?

  2. Body dey for cloth preciou dear.. I quite agree with you, we need to be prepared at all times 'cos you never can tell when opportunity wiil come. Even the scripture said that time and chance happeneth to them all.