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Having a dark or black inner thighs can be very embarrassing to both men and women. People will associate it with poor hygiene or even previous infections from sexually transmitted diseases whereas this might not be the case.



people who are obese are prone to having dark skin on their inner thighs. 

This is due to the fact that their thighs rub against each other as they are walking or exercising .

Rubbing thighs can cause discoloration and itchy skin.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a common cause of black inner thighs in women. 

If your inner thighs darken during some stages when there is  a lot of hormonal changes in your body such as during your monthly cycle, lactation or pregnancy,

then hormonal imbalance is the cause.

Friction and sweating

Excess friction and sweating between thighs can darken your thighs.

if you are fond of wearing very tight clothing like jeans, you will only be worsening the problem.

Sometimes it happens that the rough material of the jeans rub against thighs and this leads to skin irritation.

Rubbing of such hard cloth material can lead to rashes and darkening of skin.

Hence wear comfortable clothes to keep skin safe from problems.

Exposure to sun

Too much exposure of your thighs to direct sunlight especially during sunbathing can cause darkening of your inner thighs

No thigh gap

To some people, this problem results from lacking thigh gap or having thighs that are so close to each other. This problem is what affects obese people as seen already.

Shaving with razor

Excessive shaving for those who are a bit hairy can cause inner black thighs. 

This problem is often for people who use old razor that irritate their inner thigh skin , thus darkening it.

How to lighten dark thighs
  • Coconut oil with lemon juice
Coconut  oil does the job of moisturizing dry skin and lightening the hyper pigmentation on skin while the lemon juice eradicate the blemishes on the skin by virtue of its innate bleaching quality.

To make this natural moisturizer, Cut a lemon into two, squeeze out the juice,  mix  with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil

Massage on your inner thighs for at least 15 minutes, then wash with warm water and dry with a cloth.

  • Sugar,honey , lemon
Sugar is an excellent exfoliator and can help in the shredding of dead skin cells from the affected area.honey on the other hand is a natural moisturizer while lemon  is known for its pigmentation reducing qualities.

To make this mixture,mix one tablespoon of sugar and one tablespoon of honey into the juice of half a lemon. 

Now apply this paste on your inner thighs and rub it gently in a circular motion. Wash off with water after 10 minutes.

  • Oatmeal and yogurt

Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal and yogurt into one teaspoon of lemon juice and make a thick paste.

 Apply this paste on the inner part of your thighs and leave it there to dry for  about an hour. 

This mixture has proven to be a natural exfoliant and is a very popular home remedy among women when it comes to solving the problem of dark skin between legs.

  • Use fairness creams on your thighs

This step is optional, but applying such creams can help you get rid of dark inner thighs quicker.

Use best lightening creams which contains  essential vitamin c,enzymes and compounds that help to make glowing and fair skin. 

Choose  a nice brand cream and apply it regularly for a month to quickly get rid of dark thighs.

Skin care tips for thighs;

  • Wash your thighs properly when you bath

When you take your bath, you often forget to properly clean your  elbows, knees, neck and your inner thighs which result in accumulation of dirt and dead skin which makes these skin parts appear darker.

Hence when you shower, remember to use a soap and sponge to remove skin impurities from your thighs and make it appear fair.

  • Exfoliate

The reason for the dark thighs is the layer of dead cells present on the thighs. 

When you exfoliate, this layer is removed and fresh skin layer comes to the top giving skin a fair look. Exfoliate two times a week

  • Apply moisturizing cream to your thighs

Use a good lotion to moisturize this zone,this supplies moisture to your thighs thereby  keeping your skin smooth, silky and baby soft

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing tight rough jeans can be the cause of dark inner thighs because when this material rubs against skin, it damages the area and makes it dark.

 Also if the top you wear is tight and makes constant friction with your underarms, then it can also become dark. 

The type of clothes you wear can have an impact on your skin tone.

stay chic

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