Thursday, 28 April 2016


I was busy in the afternoon working on a post when my little sister that lives with me came into the room. She is thirteen years old and the last child of the family.

*Aunty ?*


When I didn’t hear anything from her , I looked up . *what is it?*

She hesitated for a while , *errm aunty, are you still going to buy the car you said we will use to travel to the village?*

I thought for a while and remembered that I told her that I’m going to buy a car before June, and that we will use the car to travel to the village. chei see me see wahala!

*But june never reach na*

*It’s only two months away*

*Who told you?*

*Count it na, we are in april, so june is two months away*

*Na lie, It ‘s three months away, april, may june*

*Are you counting  april?*

*Yes na, april don finish eh? See small girl like you dey sharp mouth for your auntie huh? you sabi maths pass me?*  I wan intimidate the girl but she didn’t budge

*I stiil maintain that it’s  two months away*. She insisted

*Ok,No wahala I go buy am. I fit buy am tomorrow sef you neva know me*.

*Ok  so if you buy it, are you the one that will drive us to the village?*she queried 

*Yes na*.

She started giggling, *what is it again?* I queried her

*Please make sure you put  the *L* sign all over the car oo*.

*why all over the car?* i asked with interest.

She now told me the story of how one of our village guy  bought a new car and took the car to the village to show his mother. 

On his way to the village , he was busy bashing  at anything on sight.(thank God, he did not hit somebody)

He will enter  one side of the bush, come out and enter the other side, in fact it was bashing extravaganza!

Immediately he reached his father’s compound, he blew the horn loud and clear to alert people that he has arrived piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  pipipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

He got out of the car, raised one of his shoulders up, adjust his shirt, raise the other shoulder, adjust his shirt again and then put his two hands in his pocket grinning from ear to ear like Mr bean. 

 His mother ran out dancing and jubilating.

Then one of  his  uncles came out, looked at the car and hissed, mtchewwwwww

*Just negodu motor I bu nata village eh?...... Negodu ka isi sukasia the motor*  ( just look at the car you brought to the village, see how you bashed the car)

It was then that the guy went round his car and saw the damage. He began to cry,

*Why did people bash my car like this eh?..... o bu  na ha afuro *eeluu,eeluu* ntinyere na moto a? ( Abi they no see the *L, L* that I placed behind this car)

Poor guy! unknown to him, while he was on the road, other motorist were helping him by bashing the car from all angle, may be because of the way he was driving*James bond style* hehehe.

stay chic

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