Saturday, 9 April 2016


This post is focusing primarily on stretch mark on the lower abdomen during pregnancy.

When my sister was pregnant, her tummy was an eyesore, I mean you can’t look at it without vomiting. I interviewed her and discovered what caused it. Then I went on a quest on how to avoid it .

When a woman is pregnant, the tummy expands and it affects the elasticity of the skin. The abdomen tends to be itchy as well.The old wives tale has it that it was the baby's hair that causes the itching. Na them sabi hehehe

To avoid the ugly stretch mark, please don’t SCRATCH!

According to my sister, when the tummy itches her, she uses her two hands and scratch to her heart’s desire. *okay na*

Rule no 1. Don’t scratch, i mean don't scratch with your finger nails. instead use your palm and massage your tummy gently when it itches

Rule no 2  Rub olive oil on your tummy daily. someone told me about it and i used it. This works wonders!

I applied these rules myself and after two kids, my tummy still looks clean and yummy hehehe.

 When my sister came to visit me, she was marveled when she saw my tummy. Dats all !!

I think it’s better if we know how to prevent ‘cos  prevention is better than treatment abi?

So if you are a single lady , note it down or if you are a young man yet to marry, tell your future wife about it  and if you are a young mother still giving birth, be aware!

stay chic

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