Tuesday, 26 April 2016


As a woman gets older(from the age of 30 upwards) she  tends to change most of her lifestyle such as dress sense,diet,relationships etc

It is equally important that you watch how you look facially so as not to look too old for  your age. To avoid this, watch out for these mistakes:
  •  Wearing foundation that does not match your skin color.

Many women end up looking like they are wearing a mask because their foundation does not match their face and neck. 

When you go too light it makes your skin appear flat and lifeless. Instead of natural, it will look like the makeup is just sitting on your skin, which can add years to your face.

But if you go too dark, you are not highlighting your features, but dragging them down and adding a dullness and heaviness that is just as aging.

In order to get the right color, when testing out a foundation, do not blend it in too much.

Simply tap it on your face from the top of your cheekbone to the bottom of your jawline and try to not go lighter or darker than your actual skin.

  •  Choosing a lipstick that is too dark.

As you age, you lose definition in your lips, so to appear more youthful, you'll want to wear a lipstick that adds fullness.

A dark color does just the opposite, making your lips look smaller, less plump, and less highlighted. Instead, choose something in a mauve, pink or red tone.

Adding a layer of gloss is helpful as well. Many women feel like they are too old to wear lip-gloss, but a shiny finish will actually add a youthful plumpness.

But if you decide to go dark and are concerned about looking older, stay away from something with a heavier texture or matte finish because it will stay flat on your lips. Opt for a sheer and hydrating formula or a lip stain.

  •  Applying the wrong shade of blush too low on your face.

Many women do not wear a shade of blush that adds youthfulness to their face.

Some choose a brown color because they think they are adding definition and contouring, but it ends up looking muddy, dull, and looks like the makeup is just sitting on your skin.

Other women often choose a product that is too soft in color, which can wash you out and age you as well.

When applying, start at the height of the apple of your cheek and blend it up and back. Some people apply blush on the bottom of the cheekbone, but the best way is to place it higher to define and lift your features.

  •  Not adding color and defining your brows.

As you get older, your eyebrows get thinner, or simply from years of over-plucking, they just don't grow back.

Not filling them in with a pencil or brow powder can leave you washed out and looking older, while a full brow will lift the face, define your features, and create an overall youthful appearance.

To pick a brow product, look for the right shade that suits you. 

Start by brushing your brows up and over. then square the head of your brow off with the product and bring the color through the arch, all the way to where your brow would naturally end.

Remember always to follow the natural outline of your brow bone, don't draw what you saw on another person's face because it looks good on her. what if she has an oval face and you have a round face huh?  kpuom isi ikpuru aliberti shape isi gi na aliberti o bu ofu? lool.

stay chic

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