Wednesday, 29 June 2016



I cast a glance at Amaka, she looked unperturbed. I shifted with unease on the chair looking at uncle Ben fearfully. He walked  towards the television set and slotted a disc into the VCR. Picking up the remote, he turned back, regarded us for a second and sat down heavily in between  Amaka and i.

Then….. he stretched his arms on the sofa behind our shoulders with a look of satisfaction on his face. I whimpered  silently cringing from his arms on my neck.

Friday, 3 June 2016


Uncle Ben  asked me to help him carry something to his house* Amaka said excitedly . Uncle Ben is our mathematics teacher. A young man in his mid thirties.He is single, always looking serious and hardly smiles. i blame mathematics 'cos maths no dey smile!

As for me i want to partake of this opportunity as well so that if the teacher dash her mark, i go follow collect my own too.

* Amy i'm going with you so i can help you carry the loads*

*Errmmm........ he said it's only me he wants oo* she said looking as if she is regretting ever telling me.

*But only you can't carry the load na........... i just want to help out* i pleaded with her