Friday, 3 June 2016


Uncle Ben  asked me to help him carry something to his house* Amaka said excitedly . Uncle Ben is our mathematics teacher. A young man in his mid thirties.He is single, always looking serious and hardly smiles. i blame mathematics 'cos maths no dey smile!

As for me i want to partake of this opportunity as well so that if the teacher dash her mark, i go follow collect my own too.

* Amy i'm going with you so i can help you carry the loads*

*Errmmm........ he said it's only me he wants oo* she said looking as if she is regretting ever telling me.

*But only you can't carry the load na........... i just want to help out* i pleaded with her

*it's not load i think i'ts just ordinary..........*

*Even if na *ordinary* broom, i will hold one end while you hold the other end, i just want to help you, are you not my friend again?* she still looked reluctant.

*ok i forgot to tell you, i saw a love letter in my bag yesterday........... 

*eeeeeh? . she said clapping her hands,inching closer to me * from whom?*

 *i will only tell you on our way to uncle bens' house  * i replied rolling my eyes

* okay........ you can come*. she said flatly

When Uncle Ben saw me with Amaka, he frowned. she went to him and whispered something to his ear. He cast a quick glance at me and looked away nodding his head.

The load turned out to be a mirror, a medium sized wall mirror. *Handle it with care* he mumbled handing the mirror to Amaka.

He brought some exercise books and gave to me, i gladly took them from him and we began to go to his house. On our way, he walked beside Amaka, two of them were chatting and laughing. if i tried to say something, they just ignored me. 

*mmmmmmhhh... God what will i do to be in this teacher's good book?* i thought to myself. 

*What have Amaka  done to him? no wonder she always gets good grade in maths.

*Chei while i dey suffer mself dey solve horrible equations wey this wicked man dey give us as assignment, this smart babe don already tidy her own!

No wonder the other day i was giving myself migraine solving maths questions for her and she was busy reading mills and boon.

 *Amaka do you understand how i solved this equation? i asked nudging her

*Yes* she snapped chewing her chingum kpa kpa kpa. 

*Ok what is the value of y?

*Y ke? i thought you said you've solved it eh?* she asked visibly annoyed.

*No wonderrrrrrrrrr....................* Now i understand say who read na im serious, who pass na im know book*! 

Hahahahahahahah it was two of them laughing and poking each other oblivious of my presence!

I just stood behind watching them............ *if only i be ogbanje* i thought wickedly*if only.... i would have released fire on them now* 

They kept on walking without looking back or urging me on. After standing like a wooden deity for a while, i sighed and started running to catch up with them.

Finally we arrived at his house, his room was full of books with an old television placed on top of an old cupboard.

*His room is not even beautiful*, i murmured 

*What did you say? asked Amaka giving me a sly look.

*I said thank God the mirror did not break on the way* i spat

*Yeah, thank God*

Uncle Ben went inside an inner room, soon after he emerged without wearing his shirt and singlet but boxers only!................ukpabio oo  i almost shouted.

To be continued................................

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  1. Lol, what was Uncle Ben up to?

  2. Sylvia, where have you been??? How are you, hun?

  3. oh precious darling, i dey o, just that i was a little bit strong. Thanks for asking dear. *kisses*

  4. Chai! No need to envy Amaka ooo...
    There's something fishy with uncle Ben the maths teacher.

  5. Yes o, something fishy is cooking.
    Nice having you around Ada.