Wednesday, 29 June 2016



I cast a glance at Amaka, she looked unperturbed. I shifted with unease on the chair looking at uncle Ben fearfully. He walked  towards the television set and slotted a disc into the VCR. Picking up the remote, he turned back, regarded us for a second and sat down heavily in between  Amaka and i.

Then….. he stretched his arms on the sofa behind our shoulders with a look of satisfaction on his face. I whimpered  silently cringing from his arms on my neck.

The movie starts showing…………….when it showed the characters, I screamed oh my god ,this is blue film. I remembered the advice my mum gave me before I resumed  as a boarding school student.

*My daughter, don’t ever go to a male teacher’s house no matter the reason. Though not all are bad but it’s wise to take precaution.*

I sprang up and dashed to the door, to my utter dismay, the door was locked! When did this rogue lock the door?

*where do you think you are going to?* With a look full of menace  he got up from the chair, advancing towards me slowly.

*Amaka get  up let’s go* I urged her with fear in my voice. She looked unshaken and way relaxed.

*My friend stop behaving like a small girl.* She snapped lying down on the sofa.

Uncle Ben made to grab me* Hey if you dare touch me, I’m going to scream* I swore pretending to be fearless but sweating profusely. The fear in me is making my heart to pound loudly.  

*Unlock this door now or…………I said clenching my fist. Amaka got up from the sofa visibly annoyed.

*What is wrong with you eh?* She blurted with venom * I told  you not to come with me but you insisted, now you want to run away, you aint going anywhere* she said pointing an accusing finger at me.

*No she can go * Uncle Ben said in a dry voice reaching for the door. i shifted from the door so he can unlock it,all the time keeping my eyes on him.

Before he could even unlock the door, I shoved him aside and rushed out with the speed of  lightning. I was already out of the compound when I saw Amaka behind me.

*Babe relax, he wouldn’t have done anything to us oo, believe me,he just wanted to teach us further maths* she rants smiling foolishly *remember you complained the other day  about the assignment ……….*

I broke out in a run leaving her gaping at me  with an open mouth….......... 

To  go mad no dey hard, na the trekking be the wahala. No be me again o!

stay chic


  1. He just wanted to teach further maths indeed! How will he teach further maths after being stimulated by a blue film??? Or is it a blue film kind of further maths Ha.
    Interesting read.

  2. Don't mind him. young girls should learn from this. mothers should also give such advice to their daughters so they don't fall victim. thanks for your time dear.

  3. Hey Favour, nice to have you around.

  4. Darling where are you? Please come back to blogging.
    Hope everything is okay? Please send me an email and let me know.

  5. Awwwww! my sweetheart i'm alright, been working on a project. will be back to blogging soon. Thanks for checking on me,'kisses'.

  6. Haba! Further maths, indeed. Female students should be mindful of badly behaved male teachers.