Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Hellooo anybody home?,

So sorry to be missing in action for a very long time, i was working on a project and it took almost all my time 'cos i have a target to meet..

I promise it won't happen again, really missed you guys!  thanks for the calls and mails, i do appreciate, God bless you guys real good!

In another news Rosyandchic blog is one year old today yayyy!!*singing* what shall I say unto the lord, all I have to say is thank you lord……..thank you lord, thank you lord ,all I have to say is thank you lord.

Yes! My heart is filled with joy and gladness for all that the lord has done for me through this blog. 

I have always longed to work in a media house as a presenter. After completing the one year youth service corp, I submitted my c.v at virtually all the radio and television stations in Nigeria but never got a call from any of them. 

I was greatly disappointed and felt like giving up.

I never heard of anything called blogging until 2010 when I somehow stumbled on www.nigerianfilms.com which carried only celebrity news. 

I enjoyed all their news especially the comments of one naughty guy which always got me cracking with laughter.

Then one day, the site posted something about an actress and someone left  a comment stressing that she saw a contrary report on different blogs  while  dropping the blogs URL urging people to go and confirm. 

I said to myself “blog ke?, well let me take a look”.

I was impressed with what I saw and that day I visited almost twenty blogs .it became a daily routine and along the line I discovered more fascinating blogs .

I came to realize that blogging is online journalism so I said to myself ”why don’t you start your own blog?.

I went online and researched on how to create a blog and 0n Nov  11 2014, I created a blog on word press,however I abandoned the blog 'cos i was nursing a baby at that time.

Finally on October 5 2015, I created another blog on blogger and my first post went up on 11th day of October 2015. 

The page views  grew steadily and one day I saw 1000 page views on my stat!

I was so ecstatic and wanted  to pop champagne but didn’t have enough money so I bought a bottle of coke, shook it very well and popped it like champagne laughing like as semi mad woman.

What has blogging taught me?

  • It gave me a voice and a platform to express my views, thoughts and opinion.

  • It made me to always think, read, research and strive to be the best, also in the course of my research,i made new discoveries.

  • It made me to be a better writer –always checking the use of tenses, punctuation and conjunctions.(still getting there though)
  • Finally it forced me to be extra hardworking- being awake from 12 am to 4am browsing when my mates are farting anyhow in their sleep. *chai i don suffer*

I just want to thank God for his faithfulness and steadfastness for the past one year and years to come. 

And to you my esteemed readers, thank you for the support, encouragement, love, comments and shares, may the lord bless you immensely in Jesus name ameeeeen!

From now onward, this blog will become livelier than before. 

Weekend gist, beauty tips, fashion and style, makeup looks and other scintillating stories will be featured constantly, so keep a date with me as I take you on a pleasure cruise.

*don’t touch that dial*

Love y’all. mmuah.


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  1. Sylviaaa you look sweeeet.
    I'm drooling over your makeup and outfit.
    So glad to have you back!
    Happy blogging anniversary!

  2. Thanks a bunch Precious darling.Glad to be back.


  3. I never knew the old you, but now that I have met the new you. I'm glad. :)

    Happy Blogiversary! E no easy! Thank God you still have money to buy a bottle of coke. Maybe next year, that champagne can be bought. Amen?

    Biko don't run away this time.


  4. hahahaha Amaka my darling,thank you so much.i'm glad to meet you too and i promise not to run away again. Amen to your prayers!