Friday, 21 October 2016


I felt my phone vibrating beside the pillow, the time is 5.30am in the morning. I drowsily picked the call and it was my mum.

*Hello mum*

*Nne I want you to come home immediately* she said with urgency in her voice

*Ah! Mum is anything wrong?* I said sitting up and wiping sleep off my eyes

*Yes! Something is very wrong* she stressed

*I hope nobody died? I asked with fear in my voice

*just come home first* she insisted ending the call. I tried calling her back but her line was switched off.

I scrambled out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom to take my bath.
I dressed up hastily and flagged down a taxi which took me to the park where I boarded a bus going to my village.

I tried to reach my mum on the phone again but her line was still switched off . 

My fear deepened!

*Oh my God!.....oh my God* I whimpered. It seemed like forever before the bus finally stopped at the popular nkwo market in my town.

I jumped down from the bus and jumped on top of an okada whose rider is buying akara at the road side.

*Move this motorcycle now!* I ordered him balancing very well on the seat as if to say na me buy the motorcycle for him.

The man was astonished* where you dey go?* he asked looking at me closely to know whether my head dey together.

I gave him the direction ,*your money na 500 naira* he said.

*Collect 200 naira * I pleaded

*300 naira last*he said emphatically.

*Ok,lets go, you are wasting time* I said impatiently.

On reaching my family compound, I jumped down from the bike and threw the money at the man, rushed inside the house crying profusely and met the shock of my life!.

 I saw my mum and grandmother eating dried meat with pepper sauce and a bottle of palm wine placed beside the plate. I stood rooted in the ground staring at them.

*Hei! Why’re you crying, what’s wrong? My mum asked.

*But you told me that something is wrong and that I should come home quickly* I cried.

*Oh that!* she said with a wave of hands,*you’re welcome, come and sit down first* she said shifting a bit so as to create a space for me on the sofa.

I sat down heavily wiping the tears off my face with a handkerchief,while waiting anxiously to know the reason for the urgent call.*thank God nobody died* I said with relief.

*Rose is getting married* she announced suddenly.

*Wow that is great!” I said excitedly.*who is she getting married to? I asked her but she ignored me.

*Likewise Adaugo and Nnenna, they’re getting married this December and they’re your age mates!* she said with great annoyance.

I opened my mouth to say something but she wouldn’t let me................

*You’re the only one left among your age mates, only you!...... all the other young girls in this village are your children because you knew when their fathers married their mothers* she said sarcastically.

My grandmother chuckled….......

*So this is why you sent for me so urgently eh?* I asked standing up in anger.

*So you think this is not an urgent matter eh kwa?*she burst into tears crying loudly,

*Man of God said it oo........,he said it oo!*

I sat down abruptly trying to console her*man of God said what?...which man of God mummy? I asked desperately..

*That is why I sent for you* she sniffed* there is this powerful man of God that came into this village recently,any single lady he prays for gets married without delay. I went to see him and he revealed to me that the delay in your marriage is caused by my enemies. He said that they had sworn that you will stay in my house till old age!”

I just kept silent looking at her…………

“But there is hope” she continued “he said that if you can come for deliverance and prayers, you will get married without delay..I know that if I tell you about this on phone, you will not come, that was why I told you that something is wrong”

She looked up at me “tell us now what you think “

“The decision is yours, not mine” I mumbled.

“Alright, we’ll go and see him tomorrow” she concluded.

Next morning, we were at his house. He exchanged pleasantries with my mum.

”I guess this is your daughter”

“Yes’ my mum answered ”she’s the one I told you about”

As for me, I just dey one corner dey observe things………….

The pastor instructed us to go and wait for him in a primary school beside his house that the deliverance will take place there. The school was on holiday so it was only my mum and I in the school compound. 

Shortly after, he arrived and took us into one of the classrooms.

“Madam, are you not going to the office?” he asked my mum.

“yes….yes, I’m going. I thought you need my presence” my mum replied.

“No, you can go”

“ok” my mum said and left.

The deliverance commenced immediately. He ordered me to close my eyes and be in the spirit. He placed his right hand on my head and began to turn me round and round praying violently.

 He did all he could to push me to the floor but I stood my ground!

Suddenly he stopped praying and glared at me in anger saying” it’s like you don’t want to fall under the anointing eh?.

‘But the anointing is not moving me na” I replied innocently.

This got him infuriated,” so you mean I’ve been wasting my time and energy all these while?”

“I’m sorry sir” I muttered.

He began to pray again turning my head harder.I was expecting a wind or something to push me down but I only felt his hands twisting my head.

I was already feeling pain on my neck and and my vision was becoming blurred due to the turning.. …..but I refused to fall!

The man stopped praying for a while and wiped sweat off his face. He stared at me hard and long and sighed.

“It’s like ogbanje spirit is disturbing you” he said, his eyes blazing with fire”but I’m going to deal with them now!” He growled.

He advanced towards me with menace and gripped my head, nobody told me to wait again for the anointing to move me, I moved the anointing and somersaulted on the floor in a heap!. 

This got him excited and he began to jump up and down shouting ” you spirit of late marriage, I command you to come out of her now, come out! out!! Out!!!.

I kept an eye on him by peeping at him through the corner of my eyes. He kept on vibrating shaking his head vigorously. I just got up from the floor and tiptoed out leaving him there.

So much trouble for ordinary husband!.

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  1. Hi Sylvia,

    This was so funny and interesting. I laughed so hard. Lol

    Hmmm.... Mothers and their worries over marriage.

  2. Hello Nedoux,

    That is eh, they'freak out when their daughters are due for marriage and there is no man on sight! lol

    Nice having you around dear.

  3. Hey Sylvia,
    I was laughing so hard. I want to use your story on and probably in my book. Contact me on facebook using Princess Faith.


      I will post your story here.

  4. Hi Ruth,
    nice having you around. You can go ahead and use the story as long as you give credit to me.