Monday, 21 November 2016


Getting something to wear these days is becoming a herculean task for me. I normally start from one end of the wardrobe to the other end scanning through clothes to find my choice. When I reach one end, I will go back to the beginning, back and forth till I run out of time, then I yank down one and dash out.*sighs*

One day, I sat down and thought of how to get dressed easily and look chic at the same time without stress.

I discovered that the foundation of a well-functioning wardrobe begins with culling. Culling means removing damaged, non-essential or mismatched pieces thereby creating a clean and perfect wardrobe.

Below are four important steps to take in culling your wardrobe:

  • Take all your clothes out of your closet including accessories, bags, and shoes. Remove any item that is ripped, stained or worn beyond repair. Remove any item you haven’t worn in the last twelve months (It’s okay to keep a small number of sentimental items, just be careful that the pile doesn’t grow and grow).

  • Try on everything. Do this in front of a mirror. Clothes that make you feel your best will make you look your best. Remove any item that is the wrong shape, color or cut.

  • Check the fit of each item by trying them on and moving in them, lifting your arms, sitting down, walking and bending over. Remove any item that is too short, too tight or when wearing requires you to adjust frequently.

  • Is this item out of date?-Often times, fashion, prints and colours of a past trend will go out of date quickly and while this does not mean they can’t be incorporated into your wardrobe, you can remove any item you’re no longer comfortable wearing

  • Take out those that need altering or repairing.If a piece of clothing is slightly damaged or ill-fitted, it may be worth taking to the tailors. This is especially so if the garment is well made and of a quality material like silk, wool or cotton.

  • Donate.Take those you no longer wear and give them away to family and’s best to avoid throwing away if they’re still wearable.

I took the above steps and sanity was finally restored in my wardrobe making it easier for me to dress up with little effort without wasting much time.

Stay chic,

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  1. Great post!
    I try to clear out my closet every 3months.
    It makes it easier to access things I really need to wear

  2. Thanks dear. yes, it makes things easier and also facilitates quick dressing without wasting precious time.
    Welcome to rosy and chic,it's a pleasure having you around.

  3. This post is helpful. My biggest problem is that I tend to scatter faster than I can arrange it. I guess I can curb that by picking out my clothes earlier.

  4. Hahaha so you disorganise to organise,

  5. I love organising!
    I recently cleaned up my house and donated a truck load of items. It feels so good.
    I'm learning to keep only the things that I absolutely need.
    It's so easy to pile up lots of clothes that you never wear.
    Thanks for this post, dear.

  6. Thanks dear. Yeah it feels so good to donate.