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Generally, girls daydream about being swept away by a handsome wealthy man and living happily ever after,yeah that's a good dream but it’s highly important that you realize the difference between fairly tale and reality.
Most girls are desperately seeking for prince superman.Requirements: tall, dashing, handsome, romantic, great in bed, loves to give massages, rocket scientist, perfect teeth, buys flowers every Wednesday, does the dishes, makes the bed, always looking dapper, exactly like my father, exactly NOT like my father! haba!

The list goes on and on.
These are examples of  things you always hear from women regarding what they want in a man. Of course there are things on that list that are perfectly appropriate and reasonable depending on individual choice and preferences……..but would you rather be single and lonely just because he forgot you prefer vanilla ice cream and brought you yogurt instead?
First of all let’s figure out who prince charming is:
By nature, prince charming is supposed to be perfect. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about being loved by the ideal man, however, the danger is that this impossible dream can blind you to reality. 
If you hold every potential future mate to an impossibly high standard,you may miss out on great romances.On the other hand if you are expecting your partner to expect nothing from you, then you are terribly unfair!
Prince charming is a figure that rescues the princess rather than the princess saving herself. This is a very old message that tells girls to wait in silence rather than be proactive..
Also waiting for someone to provide for you financially will make you miss the fact that you can do something for yourself.
You need to create your own joy and source of fulfillment.You are responsible for your own enjoyment and happiness in life. A woman who is able to demonstrate to a potential mate that she’s got it all sorted out is a very attractive prospect for a relationship. This is very necessary because guys can be easily scared away from a needy, ill-defined personality with few or no dreams and goals in life.
Stop waiting to be rescued.
It takes hard work to get yourself out of your situation. It is much easier to be passive and just hope someone notices your worth and comes to your rescue. But happiness and success always favor those who work hard and capitalize on whatever qualities they have.
Get a career. Do you want a career? Then start planning it out in stages and visualize where you want to be at a certain stage in your life. It is equally important to learn the skills necessary for achieving this. Consider doing some part time work or volunteer jobs to keep yourself involved in society.
Take care of your own resources and needs before everything else.
Most girls have the belief that they will marry well and that this will take care of all the financial nitty-gritty in their lives. Error!. This fantasy makes you vulnerable to poor financial choices which makes you lose clarity into the future, not only that it can impoverish you because when prince charming does appear but isn’t the wealthy benefactor able to take care of you in the way you hoped for, then things will start to look grim.
Plan your personal savings and financial future very well, this is not prince charming duty, it’s totally yours. So while waiting around for prince charming, establish the rules and boundaries about your finances and ensure that this financial independence is sustained even after you've tied the knot.
stay chic
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  1. Lol those super humans only exist in romantic novels. It is important to be strong, assertive and fall in love with yourself again again. Nobody can love you like you love you.

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  2. That's right precious dear, prince charming only exist with Cinderella lol.