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Most of us are ignorant when it comes to nail art or just simple things as painting nails neatly.

There are some easy tips and tricks which can help you achieve a healthy looking and professional quality nails. 

You can also do your nails just like salon quality. Here are the top tips  every girl must know:

1.Desist from cutting your  cuticles as they protect your nails from bacteria, stop 
the habit of trimming and keep your cuticles pushed back

2.Rubbing Vaseline on your nails helps to keep the cuticle clean.

3.Before  painting  your nails, keep your nail polish in fridge for a smooth streak 
free application.

4.To make your nail polish color pop out, apply white polish as your base coat first.

5.After painting your nails dip your nails in bowl filled with ice water or under cold 
tap water to dry them quickly.

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6.Soften and nourish your cuticles by applying vitamin e or apricot oil every night.

7.After wearing nail polish for a long time, nails tend to get stained. Brush your 
nails with a teeth whitening toothpaste and rinse off. Your nails will be shiny 
and fresh looking.

8.To prevent your nail polish from smudging, start by applying thin coats of 
nail polish as thick coat will smudge your nails. 

9.Apply a coat and wait for it to dry, then apply a second coat..

10.Wearing darker colors is always a great idea for younger looking hands. The 
color catches attention instead of your hands.

11.Ensure you apply a base coat before applying dark colors,. This will prevent 
your nails from getting stained.

12.Want to grow strong and long nails? Cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on your
nails. Make sure the juices are well absorbed.
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