Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I saw this picture of pastor Chris and his wife two days ago on Facebook with the title *the media will not carry this, thanks to all those who prayed tirelessly for this reunion*. I searched the internet this morning for a confirmation and i saw a post on naija loaded on 22nd May carrying this same picture confirming that indeed the man of God and his wife have reconciled.

I sincerely hope this is true, i was heart broken when i heard  of their divorce. Let's get something straight here, i'm not a member of Christ embassy but i'm a member of the Christendom right? so it's one for all, all for one gerrit?  

When something like this happens, it shakes the faith of believers because many people look up to these people as their role models. Trust the devil, he will begin to play hide and seek on the mind of a baby christian whose faith is still growing, he will whisper things like *you see, there is no need being a born again, can't you see how messed up this pastor's marriage is?,his wife even accused him of adultery, is this the kind of people you want to associate with, all of them are the same..... thieves and adulterers,you better go back to where you're coming from!

If it is a person whose faith is not strong, you know what follows. It is of utmost importance that we pray for our pastors and men of God daily. come on, these people are humans and satan targets them more than us. He targets their marriage, their children, their health etc. Pls lets cultivate the habit of interceding for them and you'll surely receive your reward * for whatsoever a man Soweth ,that he shall reap. if you pray for peace in their marriage , you will have peace in your marriage , if you pray for their children, your children will not go astray and if you pray for their health, you will walk in divine health too.

To be a pastors wife is not easy o, i remembered when i was still single, a pastor from one church like that came to marry me. I actually met him through my girlfriend and you know what?,i said NO for the following reasons:

I wear jewelries....they don't wear ordinary full stop( that earring they use to pierce babies ear)

I plait my hair..... as a pastors wife(in that particular church) you plait you hair with thread or wool, weaves is a no go area!

I love dare not draw ordinary eyebrow!

I am fashionable........mmmmmh no comment!

I found out that these things are going to cause problems in the future and i pulled out on time. The young  man begged and cajoled and i told him that God told me point blank that he's not my husband( do i need anybody to tell me eh?)

I told him to look around in his church that there must be a sister he will like, he said that actually there is one in the choir he initially approached but that the girl is always demanding for money..... mmhhh i pinched myself   *na me wey no like money abi ok na*

To think that he asked my girlfriend whether i am beautiful is what vexed me the most, in retaliation i told my girlfriend to ask him whether he's rich. yes na beauty needs maintenance money!.

Just imagine, he wants a beautiful girl but he does not want to spend money. 
Abeg leave sabi for sabinus!.

stay chic
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  1. I really hope they have reconciled. A broken marriage is not easy.

  2. yes o and the children are the one that suffers the effect most.

  3. They are back together.... Its true dear, I found out after reading the post.
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  4. Oh! glory to God! thanks for the information shakara babe.*winks*