Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Have you stayed up late working, partying or watching movies? Does your skin look dull and tired?.While a cup of coffee can boost your energy, it won’t give you a fresh look. 

Generally, people are perceived as less healthy and less attractive by others when they don’t get enough rest. If you have to go to work, have a job interview or a date the next day, you would want to look your best.
Follow these steps to appear less tired and cover up the signs of poor sleep:

  • Revive dull skin by splashing cold water on your face

Simply splash cold water on your face to refresh your complexion and look more awake. This simple trick helps improve blood flow, leaving your skin smooth and fresh. For best results, apply a facial toner and remove it with cold water.
  • Exercise

Take a short walk or jog outside, do some body weight exercises, or stretch your muscles for a few minutes. It’s not easy to get moving after a sleepless night, but it helps. Just pop up some sunglasses and go outside.

  • Stay Hydrated

Start your day with a big glass of water, a smoothie, or a green juice. Eventually, mix water with lemon and ginger and drink it right away. This will increase your energy and help flush out toxins after a night of partying. It’s also a great way to provide your body with vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Take a Shower

Then take a cold shower to wash away all tiredness. The cold water will invigorate your body and boost circulation. Take a few deep breaths, and massage your body to stimulate blood flow. Use an exfoliating lotion to cleanse your skin thoroughly and unclog your pores.

  • Nourish Your Skin

Massage your skin with a moisturizing cream or a vitamin serum. To fully reap its benefits, leave it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before using it. This way, it will help constrict your blood vessels and reduce swelling. You can also soak a washcloth in cold water or ice cubes, and then press it to your face and eyelids. Apply moisturizer afterwards.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

If you haven’t slept too much lately, avoid junk food at all costs. Fats and sodium cause fluid retention, making your face look puffy. Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, natural juices, and foods with diuretic properties, such as asparagus and celery. Steer clear of canned foods, chips, ready-made meals, and alcohol.

Remember, freshness is key to a great looking skin!

stay rosy,

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