Wednesday, 21 December 2016


It's Christmas again, the time when eligible bachelors travel to the village to find a wife. Most men prefer getting a wife from the village as they believe that the city girls are over exposed and promiscuous therefore not a good wife material. 

On the other hand, mothers prefer getting a wife for their sons from a good family from their village so that they will be sure of the girl's lineage and character.

You have been trekking the length and breadth of Lagos all through this year with no man asking whether you are for sale or for rent. 

Babes if you are still in the city, pack your bags and head to the village straight away, let's beat them to their game!


  • Football viewing center

 This is the hottest zone bae. Even if you hate football the same way i hate routine drugs, don't worry, you are on a mission!

Become a fan of one of the clubs either Man u, arsenal, Chelsea or the rest of them. Package yourself well, your dressing should be modest and not provocative so that they don't see you as a sex object.

Don't side with any particular club as men tend too be emotional when it comes to football.they can engage in a fight if their club loses.

If a dude asks you which club you belongs to, throw the question back at him and any club he mentions as his club, tell him it's your club too and dude will fall in love with you instantly.  

  • Church service

Make sure you attend church services. If you are a catholic, be the last to go for communion so that while walking back from the altar all eyes will be on you. 

If you are a Pentecostal, climb the altar and give a testimony. if you don't have anything to say, thank God for keeping you alive from Jan to Dec.

That one na big testimony sef, na person wey dey alive dey find husband. abi no be so?

  • Youth meeting

When my cousin brother was searching for a wife, he went for the youth meeting hoping to meet his luck, but he came back disappointed. 

He complained that all the girls were talking like parrot with no comportment at all. You see this goes to show that men do search for wife there as well. 

When you get there, separate yourself from all those chewing gum girls. Raise your hands to make a useful suggestion or ask a question,believe me guys are watching!

  • Burial ceremony

Oh yea, burial ceremony. i can attest to this because my sister met her husband at an occasion like this. 

Go inside the family house and offer your condolences to the bereaved, you never can tell who might be there.

  • Finally traditional marriages

This has always been the hot spot for ages. Attend all traditional marriages whether invited or not,no dulling at all. 

Most bankers, doctors, working class men, international business men don't have time for romance during the year, but when Christmas comes, everyone takes a leave to go and relax and bachelors seize the moment to search for their soul mate.

Don't stay at home reading novels or watching movies,you have prayed and fasted,now move out, market yourself. Remember God cannot do for man what man can do for himself OK? May God bless your hustle in Jesus name Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

if you have other ideas that are useful pls let us know in the comment box. help some sisters out pleeaase.

Good luck

i published  this post last year December so this is kinda an update. 

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