Tuesday, 12 January 2016


As women we cherish our vagina and will do everything to make sure the area is neat and hygeinic.. *whispers, please don't tell my grandma that i called it vagina o hehe.*

 if you dare call it vagina in my house, my grandma will abuse you eh .*i lago na iyi*, i mebigo* ( you have gotten spoilt) she will be shouting with great annoyance.

 Even my mum will join her,* during our own time we don't call it by it's name*.

 okay mummy what do we call it then? i asked her. Before she could answer me, the fiery grandmother cuts in * call it laguus( pronounced as la goods). i laughed.

 Therefore in my house, the * thing* is known as laguus even by my brothers. At times if any of us comes back late, the nosy grandmother will begin to sniff our clothe like a dog, 

 *why are you coming back late huh? why are you walking like this eh, it's like you went to chop laguus?. For her, to meet a man is to chop laguus, infact eh her own tori na for another day.

I learnt this natural method of sanitizing the vagina from my mother and she said that her friend that works with this HIV friendship center taught her the method.

okay, this is how it works:

A bowl of lukewarm water

One tablespoon of salt *salt is also recommended by doctors for women that just gave birth. it helps to heal the wound and sanitize the vagina to prevent infection.mothers in the house will bear me witness to this.*

Pour the salt into the bowl of water and stir till the salt is properly dissolved

While taking your bath, wash your vagina very well with water first , then  scoop  some water from the salty water and splash all over your vagina.

Do this thoroughly and don't rinse with water again. Allow the salty water to dry on the vagina. This will sanitize the vagina and stop any mild itching you are experiencing down there.This can be done once or twice a week.

However, if the itching is serious like the one that you will be scratching with your eyes closed and the thing go dey sweet you, you go dey mumble *yess oo, na soo, *.Don't worry,enjoy yourself when you scratch finish, the pain wey go jam you eh, you go begin to confess hehehe. 

If na dat kind serious itching, please seek medical attention! 

stay chic


  1. So many theories I dont know who or what to trust again. I am simply sticking too my feminine wash and hoping for the best......

    1. So many theories my dear, that is why i'm also sticking to my salt and warm water, works effectively. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lool.. hilarious way of purposeful remedy to Vagina Itching ' the scratching with your eyes closed ' really cracked me up. In all thanks so much, would definitely try this method. I really enjoyed reading through.

  3. lol.. phumie, thanks for visiting.