Friday, 20 November 2015


The first step in prepping your face for makeup application is by taking care of the skin.
No professional makeup artist will apply makeup on a model’s face without thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing her face. Makeup applied on a face that is not thoroughly clean will clog the pores and make the skin look stale and unattractive.

Brows also need cleaning but are often forgotten, dry skin under the hair can become flaky and obvious and any residue of brow liner or gel can quickly build up to become clumpy

To apply makeup properly, you should follow these steps;
  1. Exfoliate
Our faces are always exposed to the sun, heat, and pollution and the result is dead skin cells accumulated on the face. buy a gentle face scrub, massage it into the skin lightly in a circular movement. concentrate  more on the rough areas like the nose, chin or forehead.

     2.cleanse and tone
It is important to cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and  use a toner  to close the pores of the skin and remove all impurities.
Get a cleanser and toner appropriate for your skin type ,avoid one that contains alcohol.

Moisturizers hydrates the skin and nourishes it. keeping your skin hydrated will improve it's
texture,tone and general appearance. Always choose a moisturizer with an SPF, this will offer protection from the sun. Allow your moisturizer to absorb completely into the skin for about a minute or two before moving to the next step.

  4.face primers

Primers help to extend the wear of your makeup by controlling oil secretion on your face. It acts as a base for your foundation and powder making it to glide smoothly thereby giving you a flawless look.Squeeze a pea sized bit of primer onto your fingers, and starting in the center of your face, spread outward. Allow the primer to set for a minute before applying your foundation.

After these steps, you can now go ahead to apply your foundation,powder,mascara and the rest of it. Believe me, you will like the outcome.

stay chic

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