Sunday, 29 November 2015


The year is gradually rolling to an end, about four weeks to go. Some people have not received the answers to some of their prayers. It may be a marriage partner, a job, a child, healing, promotion, admission, business breakthrough and so on. As our faces are different so is our needs.

Don’t worry, don’t fret and don’t lose hope. Above all, don’t be depressed. Your access to God’s presence is blocked when you are depressed. Ps 100:1-5. It disconnects you from the father, not only that it destroys your harvest. Depression brings a man under a curse Deut 28:47-48. Depression can equally destroy your health prov17:22.
Here is one powerful tool you can use to secure your answers this year.


 Let’s look at acts 16:25-26   *And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God, and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed ( KJV)*

The easiest way out of your trouble is to praise your way out. Praise your way out of the prison. Sing your way out. Satan knows this , that’s why he will always keep you depressed. Don’t keep mute, your closed mouth is what is responsible for the beatings you often receive from the enemy.

Keep Satan off your territory with joy, singing and making melody in your heart unto the lord Eph 5:19. If you are too depressed to sing, you can play some praise and worship songs in your phone, before you know it,you will see yourself singing and dancing along with the music. Normally works for me.

Let me share this personal testimony with you. It was in the year 2008, I was believing God for a job but none was forthcoming. Along the line I got one with a pension organization. You know that pension is no longer handled by the government but managed by private organizations.

So I got a job with this organization , I was employed by the branch manager and was waiting for official employment from their head office in Abuja. So for the first two months, I was not paid. The manager kept assuring me to keep coming that very soon the human resources manager will visit  the state to interview me and make my employment official. Not only that, working with a corporate organization like that will boost my c v as well

After three months, the HR and one other top official came to the office from Abuja and interviewed us. (Some people applied for various positions too). I passed the interview and was posted to another branch in a nearby state as a customer care representative. There was no provision for accommodation, so I have to commute from my location to the other state, hoping that from my salary I can be able to pay for accommodation. I spent not less than five hundred naira to and fro daily on transportation excluding feeding. Once I eat in the morning, I endure till I got home in the evening. I suffered eh.

Within this period I was expecting my appointment letter from Abuja as they promised. At the end of the month, I got a letter from them. Instead of appointment letter, I got a sack letter. Ara agbaaam, that is I wan commot craze. Wetin happen na? they said  that due to the crisis in the stock market, they lost a lot of money and could not longer pay their staff so they have to lay off and even close some branch bla bla bla. My heart fell and I wept bitterly. 

I was a single lady then, lives alone, pays rent monthly, feeds and clothe myself with no help anywhere. I was only surviving from the little savings I had in the bank. To make matters worse, that period I got the sack letter I had only five hundred naira left in the whole wide world. I was hoping on the salary which never came.

This happened on November, I used that five hundred naira and went to the mountain to seek the face of the lord. when i got there, i couldn't pray instead i started praising God. On the 31st of DEC when I have lost all hope, I got a call. There was this place that I sent in my application two years back, they didn’t call me that period so I forgot about it. The manager said that he saw my c v and his spirit told him to call me. He said that he called two other people but that they didn’t pick their call that I was the only person that picked my call. Can you beat that? That is God’s favour at work.

Listen to me God is never late, even if it is one hour to wrap up the year, God can still visit you. He visited me on the 31st of DEC . the last day of the year. In fact eh, God taught me a lesson with that experience.He knows what you are passing through. He is never never late.

 Remember Lazarus in the bible. When he was sick Jesus was not around , his condition became worse, no Jesus. He died, yet no Jesus , they buried him still no sight of Jesus. BUT  when Jesus arrived after four whole days in the grave, he THANKED the lord and called Lazarus forth and he came back to life
Brethren , don’t  close your mouth, a closed mouth is a closed destiny.



remain blessed

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