Sunday, 11 October 2015


I started noticing  dandruff on my hair while in the university. I will go to the salon , plait this beautiful hair and by the next day,come and see me. it's as if mr and mrs dandruff were waiting for me to fix a new hair before they will start dancing shoki on top.

 I will put my two hands on my hair and will be scratching my hair *vuu vuu vuu va va va *  and white particles will be falling off.

Within three days, the hair will be designed with white particles, there was nothing i did not do to get rid of the menace* yea menace* but no way.

Somebody suggested klin detergent, i did, no result, another person suggested akanwu(potash)  no way. They even suggested urine, can you imagine that?*ouch*. In my desperation, i went to the bathroom, urinated inside a small bowl and used it to wash my hair* gross*  right?.

when i came out of   the bathroom , my troublesome sister said* hmmm,something is smelling (holding her nose and eyeing me) i just pretended that i didn't hear her.

troublesome sister:  I say something dey smell.

me: wetin be your own eh? abi na me dey smell ? ( i feigned annoyance)

troublesome sister:  ah, i no say na you o, i say *something* or is your name *something*?

I quietly left the room as i no get strength for her wahala . It's not her fault, it's dandruff and co, even after the urine application, ife na afio a na afiokwai gave up and left dandruff for God to judge.

Then one day, i traveled to port harcourt and as i was going, i decided to make my hair. My cousin directed me to one girl that she says plaits hair very well.  

As she was plaiting my hair,she was shouting*hei,nekwanu dandruffuu ooo( see dandruff oo). *aunty,just buy damatol, within three months, you will not see it again. *okay, i will try that* i replied

I went to the market the next day and bought it . it comes in two sizes, big and small. I bought the small size just for a trial. i started using it and within one month, lo and behold, Mr and Mrs dandruff  together with  their children(white particles) packed their loads and left my hair forever,praiiiiiiiiisssee the looord, alleliua, alleluia? amen!!.

People of God that is my testimony, tried and tested, proved and confirmed. I used this product for the first time on august 2013 and till date, dandruff have not paid me a courtesy visit not to talk of inhabiting my hair again. whenever people are losing my braid, they will be marveled at my dandruff free hair.


pls note:   I am in no way campaigning or advertising this product. i don't even know the company and i'm sure they don't  know me either.

I found out that dandruff is a demon assigned to torment women's hair, i discovered a solution, it worked and i said to myself. why not share it with people, who knows who it might help?

how to apply 

With your index finger, apply directly to your scalp and not your hair. some people  make the mistake of applying it to their hair. 

Dandruff is in your scalp( their royal palace). So pat your hair, apply to the scalp, pat another side,apply to the scalp until the whole scalp is covered .Try this and thank me later.                                                                                        

 If you have used another product that worked for you ,please feel free to share.

Till then
stay chic


  1. Babes I can testify to the power of damatol too.
    And ketoconazole shampoos too.
    And one other hair product called "magic" or something in one tiny container. I no no where my hairdresser dey find am I be former dandruff customer.
    However weirdly enough when I became natural, dandruff just disappeared totally. Probably all that coconut and olive oil and Shea butter, non sulphate shampoo etc.
    Who knows?

  2. lol @former dandruff customer.thanks for sharing sweetie.

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