Sunday, 21 May 2017


I feel bad for abandoning this blog for two months. It was not intentional at all, 
please bear with me my lovely readers. 

The truth is that I want to buy a domain name and build a standard website but money refused to pass by my way (I don’t know what I did to him). 

In the meantime, I will keep on blogging even though it’s not easy for me.

My laptop is passing through a recession  as half of the screen has gone blank.  

The keyboard is forming strong head so I make use of on-screen keyboard which makes typing difficult or should I talk about the battery?...ah that one dey mumu from day one ‘cos it lasts for only 30 minutes. 

To make matters worse our transformer had issues and for the past one year, I have not seen electricity in my house so I make use of a generator and it’s not funny at all considering the cost of buying fuel. 

Can’t you blog with your phone?..nah  ‘cos I use Nokia Asha which is fed up with me (it goes on and off at will without considering my feeling)

There was a time there was a total blackout in my area. They said Nepa staff have gone on strike so they shut down power…mmmmhhh….it was terrible that period ‘cos I spent money on fuel.

 Anywhere the sound of a generator is heard, people rush to charge their phone. 

One day I needed to charge my laptop badly and there was no cash to buy fuel. 

Suddenly there was a sound of generator and I rushed to the shop  so that other people will not chance me, as soon as the woman saw me with my ogbonge laptop, she  hissed* you can’t charge this thing here o…it will burn my generator*

I walked back to the house dejected...

Despite all these challenges, I wrote and published my first book  …yayyy and I typed the manuscript with this my ogbonge laptop o 

It’s live on Amazon, Apple iBook, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes, and Nobles etc. 

The book is an interesting read so grab your copy now!!

Listen to me, the road to success is paved with challenges and only the courageous and persistent folks get to their destination. 

Be like the lion- fearless, focused and never miss your target.

Keep pushing, don’t give up and you'll get there.

Remember …………No glory without a story!

Stay chic,


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  2. Hahahahahah like i had to laugh out loud girl! i saw your blog via google but i had to stop by because it reminds me of my own blog that has been abandoned for ages! kudos to all of us struggling to keep our blogs alive as well as do other things.

  3. Hey Ada,
    it is not an easy task but i've decided to be more active come 2018. Thnks for stopping by.Enter your comment...